DSc and PhD theses recently defended at the department

DSc Thesis Title Defender Advisor Year

Mode expansions in wideband problems of electromagnetics

Butrym Yu. Alexander Prof. N.N. Kolchigin 2015
The methods of the nondistorted current images forming for high-velocity aircraft location via the matrix radiometric correlation-extremal systems Victor N. Bykov   2010
Electromagnetic waves scattering in non-regular composite media and structures Sergey N. Shulga   2004
PhD Thesis Title Defender Advisor Year
The scattering of electromagnetic waves on the separate and periodic waveguide inhomogeneities He Shi Prof. S. N. Shulga 2016
Propagation and radiation electromagnetic fields in dielectric waveguides Maxim N. Legenkiy Prof. N. N. Kolchygin 2011
  Oleg V. Kazanskiy Prof. N. N. Kolchygin 2011
Transient electromagnetic fields in transversely inhomogeneous multiconnected cylindrical and conical transmission lines Bogdan A. Kochetov Prof. A. Yu. Butrym 2011
Electromagnetic fields in the cavity with time-varying and dispersive medium Mariya S. Antyufeyeva Prof. О. А. Tretyakov 2010
Diffraction of impulse wavebeam on boundary of two mediums with lossy Zheng Yu Prof. О. А. Tretyakov 2006
  Ivan I. Vasilchenko Prof. N.N. Kolchigin 2005
Impulse signals in waveguides with inhomogeneous filling and in tapered slot antennas (Time domain analysis) Alexander Yu. Butrym Prof. N.N. Kolchigin 2005
The resonant effects in quasi-periodical layered systems with metal-dielectric elements Vladimir. R. Tuz Prof. Vadim B. Kazanskiy 2005
  Vladimir I. Fesenko Prof. Sergei N. Shulga 2005
Frequency and polarization selection in one- and multielement metal-dielectric UHF structures Vyacheslav V. Khardikov Prof. Vadim B. Kazanskiy 2003
  Alexander V. Maljuskin Prof. Sergei N. Shulga 2002
Electromagnetic wave propagation in time-varying media Konstantin M. Yemelyanov Prof. A.G. Nerukh 2001