History of the department

The Department of Radio Physics is renown not only over NIS territory, but far beyond it. The Kharkov school of Radio Physics started with the forming of Radiophysics department in KhNU (since 1975 it is the Theoretical Radiophysics Department). Its founder and the first head was a prominent scientist, Victor Petrovitch Shestopalov, whose life’s path was from the Associate Professor of the department to the academician, the director of the leading Institute of Radio Physics and Electronics of NASU. Since 1970, the department was headed by Professor Tretyakov O.A. - the Honorary Professor of Electro Communications University, Osaka, Japan. Because of a long-term travel abroad of O.A. Tretyakov, the Head of the Department, since 1997, is Professor Kolchigin N.N. Among the first in USSR authors of theoretical radio physics educational programs were such lecturers of the department as Slusarsky V.A. (the head of the department in 1963-1968), Kalmykova S.S., Adonina A.I., Bulgakov B.M., Yakimenko I.P., Tretyakov O.A.

Sljusarskij V.A. and Shestopalov V.P.

The scientific direction of the department, as it came into being, was “Radiation and diffraction of electromagnetic waves”. At that time V.P. Shestopalov, in co-operation with Kharkov mathematicians Martchenko V.A. and Agranovitch Z.S., suggested a novel method of boundary problems solution - the method of Riemann-Hilbert. It was the beginning of the modern mathematical methods development as regards rigorous posing of electromagnetic-wave diffraction problems for various electromagnetic structures; and their applications in instrument-making, antenna technology, and electronics.

Prof. Tretyakov O.A., Prof. Kazanskiy V.B., and Prof. Kolchigin N.N.

The Department takes part in the implementation of a most important scientific program of the Academy of Science of UkSSR and the Ministry of Radio Industry of USSR in the creation of the element base in mm and submm bands; in particular, of control systems and powerful sources. Its result, under Shestopalov’s heading, was a principally new generator of diffraction radiation with unique working characteristics. The development of this class generator model, their generalized theory (the doctor’s thesis of O.A.Tretyakov), their first production patterns - all this was a foundation of a new scientific direction in radiophysics, namely, the diffraction electronics. Created until 1970, the high scientific potential of the Department, via the decrees of the Academy of Science Presidium of UkSSR and the Ministry of Radio Industry of USSR, the economic contracts, are involved in carrying out of state scientific programs. The departmental scientific-researcher personal replenishes, its equipment modernizes, its field of researches expands. It is orientated to application of fundamental researches to production, dealing with device-making, designing composite media (artificial dielectrics), ultrastrong protections of antennas. Within the limits of the above scientific directions, the following themes are developing: “Electrodynamics of periodic structures with resonant diffraction characteristics and investigation of their utilization for the forming of directed electromagnetic radiation” (the head is Professor Kazanskiy V.B.), “Fundamental theoretical and experimental investigations of the processes of amplification and generation of both continuous and pulse in mm and sub mm bands in resonant electronic devices and equipment with a prolonged O-type interaction” (the heads are Professors Tretyakov O.A. and Vavriv D.M.). Since the beginning of 1980-s, new scientific directions started:

- Fundamental investigations of diffraction and propagation of wave formations in heterogeneous anisotropic random media, including media with insertions (PIs: Professors Tretyakov O.A., Zhuck N.P.);

- Application of ultra wideband signals in the creation of new measurement technologies and devices for the medium control (PI: Professor Kolchigin N.N.)

The scientific developments and propositions of the Department co-workers regarding the diffraction radiation generators, frequency, modal filters, phase inverters, absorptive cover, antenna ultra strong shelter, measurement methods of dielectric permeability, indicator of small reflection coefficients are covered by patents and over 50 certificates of recognition concerning the inventions (Tretyakov O.A., Shestopalov V.P., Litvinenko L.N., Kolchigin N.N., Kazanskiy V.B., Ivanchenko D.D., Polovnikov G.G., Pilipenko V.V., Shmatko A.A.). The devices and equipment developed at the Department were many times demonstrated at scientific and industrial exhibitions and were awarded and given diplomas: EANE (VDNKh) USSR - Polovnikov V.V., Pilipenko V.V., Shestopalov V.P.; EANE of Ukraine and International Exhibition in United Arab Emirates - Kolchigin N.N., Polovnikov G.G., Kalugin B.A.; an exhibition “Science of Kharkov region-2000” - Pivnenko S.N., Kolchigin N.N. and others.

Geography of places where our graduates worked

 The Department always paid special attention to the training of top-qualified scientific specialists. By means of general and targeted postgraduate studies, preparation for doctor's degree, and external training 15 doctoral and more than 80 PhD theses were prepared and defended by specialists of radio physics and graduates of the Department. Among them teaching and scientific personal of the Department: professors Tretyakov O.A., Kalmykova S.S., Kolchigin N.N., Zhuck N.P., Yarovoy A.G., Batrakov D.O., associated professors Sljusarskij V.A., Adonina A.I., Shulga S.N., senior researchers Shmatko A.A., Vavriv D.M., Gridina V.A., Ivanchenko D.D., Bagatskaja O.V., Katenev S.K.; leading researchers, heads of departments of academic and applied-research institutes of Ukraine professors Jakimenko I.P., Vavriv D.M., Kirilenko A.A., Nazarenko L.A., Nosich A.I., Cvyk A.I. Specialists working abroad: V. Krichevsky is professor-adviser of special institutions in USA, M. Hashimoto is professor of University of ElectroCommunication (Osaka, Japan) and others. Professors Kazanskiy V.B. and Kolchigin N.N. are members of specialized Academic Council on defence of the PhD and doctoral theses. Professor Tretyakov O.A. during a twenty-year period served as a chairman of Special Council of Radiophysics Faculty on defense of the PhD and doctoral theses. During this time 150 doctoral and more than 250 PhD theses were defended in the Council. Fruitful scientific research during 50 years would be impossible without engaging talented youth - students of first years. Their research works have been repeatedly awarded with honorary awards on all-Union and Republican competitions. In particular, Efremov A.M. (1983) (the supervisor is senior researcher Shmatko A.A.), Vodolazhenko A.V. (1987) and Kotsarevskaja I.V. (1989) (the supervisor of research is professor Kazanskiy V.B.) were rewarded with medals of the Academy of Sciences of UkSSR.