Teaching at the department

The Department of Theoretical Radiophysics traditionally offers advanced undergraduate, graduate and PhD courses designed to give students solid background in theoretical foundations and numerical techniques of electromagnetic theory. Furthermore, as the world change, academic programs offered by the department are growing and evolving too. New programs in physical and biomedical electronics, photonics, computer radiophysics, and software development have been added to the department curriculum within the last several years.

Students are taking notes on numerical and analytical methods of electrodynamics in time domain


In the School of Radiophysics, undergraduates choose their major in their third year, and every year about a dozen of them opt for Theoretical Radiophysics. Furthermore, during last 5 years, 7 full-time PhD students and 4 external part-time PhD students were trained at the Department, and 3 PhD students are currently being trained.

A lecture is given by Dr. Alexander Yu. Butrym