Butrym Alexander Yu
Post and rank: 

Professor, Research Fellow, Doctor of Science.

Professional сareer: 

In 1995 he joined the Radiophysics Department, Kharkiv National University; graduated in 2000 with diploma summa cum laude in "Radio Physics and Electronics." In 2000-2005 he was a Ph.D. student at KNU, in 2005 he defended his thesis on "Impulse signals in waveguides with inhomogeneous filling and in tapered slot antennas (Time domain analysis)." Since 2000 he has been working at the Department of Theoretical Radiophysics starting from junior researcher, currently he holds the position of Research Fellow and Full Professor.

He started his scientific work from the third year at the university under supervision of Professor of Theoretical Radiophysics Oleg A. Tretyakov, and later led by prof. Nikolay N. Kolchigin. At the fourth year (1999) he published his first scientific work. At this time, A. Yu. Butrym has over 90 scientific publications. In August - October 2003, he joined internships at the Danish Technical University (Lyngby, Denmark), during which it has developed a new design of a pulse antenna.

His research interests lay in the field of: analytical and numerical methods of electrodynamics in the time domain, radiation and propagation of ultrawideband and ultrashort pulse signals, inverse problems of magnetostatics, development of fast computational algorithms for solving problems of diffraction by gratings, modeling dispersion properties of real media. Under supervision by Kolchigin M. M. in 2015 he has defended dissertation on "Mode expansions in wideband problems of electromagnetics."

In addition to academic work, A. Butrym also maintains an active teaching career: he gives courses "Field Theory (Electromagnetics)" for bachelors in biomedicine at 2nd year; and special courses "Methods of Electromagnetics in the Time Domain" and "Computer Aided Design in Electromagnetics" for masters in radiophysics at the 5th year. In the group of authors from the department, he participated in the preparation of 5 textbooks. Under his supervision in 2011 , Bogdan Kochetov has prepared and defended his Ph.D. thesis on "Transient electromagnetic fields in transversely inhomogeneous multi-connected cylindrical and conical transmission lines", in addition A. Butrym also actively participated as a consultant in preparing to defend Ph.D. of the following students: Zheng Yu (2006), Mary Antyufeyeva (2010) and Maxim Legenkiy (2011).


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Tel.: +380 57 7075257

Research interests: 
  • Numeric and analytic methods of Electromagnetics in Time Domain
  • UWB and pulse antennas
  • Magnetocardiography
List of articles: 
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